John Clarke Xwexwsélkn - Explorer, Mountaineer, Wilderness Educator

A Celebration of His Life and Legacy

A wonderful tribute to John Clarke's life and legacy was held on February 23 at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver. The evening included drumming and singing by members of the Squamish First Nation; Slides to music - a glimpse into John's life; a superb talk and slide presentation on John Clarke's mountain life by fellow-mountaineer and author John Baldwin; The Wilderness Education Program and Witness Project - which continue as a legacy for John Clarke; a showing of Child of the Wind, Bill Noble's award-winning video on the life of John Clarke.

John's family and his many, many friends were there to join in the celebration of his life and legacy. John Clarke was and always will be a hero, a legend, a role model and an inspiration. The world is a better place for his having lived here. Our lives were enriched beyond measure.

Many Thanks go to all those who made this evening such a wonderful tribute to John, especially to:

The Organizers and Participants:
Chief Bill Williams, Chief Ian Campbell, Aaron Neslon Moody, Melanie Rivers, Rudy Reimer - members of the Squamish Nation; John Baldwin, Greg Maurer, Bryan Evans, Peter Paré, Bill Noble, Tim Turner, Ric Careless, Dave Sarkany, Jeremy Williams, Lisa Baile, Liz Scremin, Anders Ourom, Alan Formanek, Becky Macoun, Mehgan Smith, Colin Smith, Drew Leathem, Diane Minshall, Connie Smith, Silvi macCormac.

Sponsors and Donors of Door Prizes:
Mountain Equipment Coop, Black Diamond, Lakes Straith and Whyte, Gripped, Tiffany Glass Ltd, Famous Foods. Alpine Club of Canada, Cliffhanger, Serratus, Sandy Briggs, Tami Knight.

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