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WildED provides experiential, engaging, indoor-outdoor school-based programs. Our professional educators are certified teachers and experienced wilderness explorers who share their knowledge and lifetime of adventures to inspire, educate and motivate youth to make a personal connection with nature. WildED provides educational rigour as well as catalytic experiences to create awareness, enthusiasm and curiosity to experience BC’s wilderness first-hand.

WildED programs will:

  • Inspire a personal connection to nature, parks and wilderness among BC’s young people as well as teachers
  • Increase understanding of, and appreciation for, the natural world
  • Motivate young people and teachers to take action to care for nature and wild places

Teacher FAQs

How do I book a WildED program?

I’ve heard WildED is free, is this true?

How will students benefit from WildED?

How does WildED help meet my needs as a teacher?

Will I need to do any work or preparation beforehand?

"(WildED) did a wonderful job engaging students in wilderness settings and creating an appreciation for the wild."
Secondary Teacher

"Katy quickly establishes a rapport with the students. She has amazing wilderness experience and her awe, knowledge and respect of the environment is easily shared with them. She spent a full day with my grade 4/5 class, a day full of varied activities. I highly recommend this program."
Elementary teacher


In-school Programs
BC curriculum-linked programs for grades 2 – 12 (either 1/2 day or full day programs)
Download full program descriptions below in PDF format.

Outdoor Programs
Guided nature hikes for grades 4 – 12 (either 1/2 day or full-day)

Workshops for Teachers
Hands-on educational workshops for teachers’ conferences and Pro-D days that provide a detailed overview of our curriculum linked syllabus, as well as a better understanding of how wilderness education benefits students.

Still want to learn more about WildED?

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  • Refer to our Teacher FAQs
  • Contact the WildED office

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