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Katy Holm and Bridget McClarty and are professional educators with a passion for wild nature and years of experience in outdoor and indoor education.

Katy at the base of Mt Waddington

"I liked the fact that you knew so much about the wilderness and the things that are in it and that live in it. I also enjoyed all of the things in the slide show like the animals and the mountains and all of the things that live in the water in the sea. I learned a new game and some other things from the slide show. Thank you for a great day!"
Samantha, Grade 4

Katy Holm, WildED’s Program Coordinator and lead educator, is a professional educator and wildlife biologist with a love and passion for BC’s wild places. Katy has extensive wilderness experience. She has climbed high peaks, traversed ridges, kayaked the ocean, explored wild rivers and skied from mountaintop to valley bottom. In the tradition of John Clarke, Katy brings the wilderness alive in the classroom, through sharing her lifetime of adventures and wilderness experiences with school-kids of all ages. With spectacular images, wilderness artifacts, hands-on activities, and nature hikes, Katy inspires and educates young people about the wonders and vital importance of our wild places.

Bridget McClarty, a teacher, explorer, and wolf and grizzly bear researcher has some amazing experiences and stories to share. Bridget is an experienced wildlife biologist and classroom teacher. She grew up on the west coast, and has since gone on to research wildlife in the Canadian Arctic, Botswana, Alberta, and Australia. Over the past few years she has taught biology, general science, and outdoor education to students in grades 7-12. Bridget loves British Columbia's diverse ecosystems and enjoys backpacking, paddling, rock climbing, and SCUBA diving. She is excited to return to her home province to share and explore its wild places.